• 1.8 Litre 2000W Cordless Fast Boil Electric Kettle
    £17.99 £13.99

    1.8L, 2000W Cordless Fast Boil Electric Kettle

    £17.99 £13.99
    • Unique Design – Safe and comfotable perfectly curved non-slip handle
    • ON/OFF Button — Automatic switch ON/OFF
    • Contact – Safety design, away from danger – Base with cord storage

    FREE UK delivery.

  • Andrew James 3000W Apollo Fast Boil Kettle
    £34.99 £29.99

    3000W Fast Boil Kettle With Cordless 1.7L Jug

    £34.99 £29.99
    • Fast Boiling 3000W Concealed Element, Double-walled energy efficient kettle
    • 1.7 Litre / 6-8 Cup Capacity
    • Cordless Jug with 360˚ Swivel Base
    • Illuminating Switch, Water Level Indicator, Boil Dry Protection
    • Removable Filter for Easy Cleaning

    FREE Delivery in the UK.

  • Argentum Kettle, Fast Boil, 3000 Watts, 1.7 Litre
    £37.99 £28.98

    Argentum Kettle, Fast Boil, 3000 Watts, 1.7L

    £37.99 £28.98
    • The Argentum Kettle is a 3000W fast boil kettle that gives you the performance you need and the style you desire
    • Brushed stainless steel body gives a timeless look that will match any décor
    • 1.7L cordless jug with water gauge and 360˚ swivel base for complete ease of use
    • Lid opens to 90˚ for convenient refilling + lid flip button means only one hand is needed

    FREE Delivery in the UK.

  • Cordless Fast boil kettle in Cream finish
    £45.99 £39.99

    Bosch Cordless Fast boil kettle in Cream finish

    £45.99 £39.99
    • Boil Dry Protection: Y
    • Type: Cordless
    • Water Level: Y
    • Watts: 3.0Kw

    FREE UK delivery.

  • Dome Electric Cordless Kettle Black
    £39.99 £24.99

    Dome Electric Cordless Kettle 1.8L Fast Boil

    £39.99 £24.99
    • Stylish and classic dome shaped kettle which has a matte black finish
    • Comes with a 360° swivel base and cord storage.
    • A large 1.8 litre capacity.
    • This kettle is fast boiling and features a 2200W concealed element, boil dry protection and Strix controller system to ensure safety and reliability.
    • Automatic switch off is another safety feature this kettle boasts.

    FREE Delivery in the UK.

  • Electric Cordless Kettle Fast Boil 1.7L
    £59.99 £21.99

    Electric Cordless Kettle Fast Boil 1.7L 2200W

    £59.99 £21.99
    • 1.7L capacity stainless steel body with a brilliant colour finish
    • Wide easy-pour spout with washable limescale filter
    • Wide water level indicator window with marks
    • Cordless jug with concealed 2200W energy efficient fast-boil heating element
    • Round base and comfortable handle for easy left or right handed use

    FREE UK delivery.

  • Energy Efficient Kettle, 3000 Watt, 1.7 Litre
    £32.00 £30.00

    Energy Efficient Fast Boil Kettle, 3000 Watt, 1.7L

    £32.00 £30.00
    • 1.7 litre capacity with a one-cup water indicator that allows you to boil only the water you need
    • Double action filter for clear water and a cleaner kettle
    • Flat heating element for fast boiling and easy cleaning
    • Save up to 66% energy compared to a regular kettle
    • The light on the button will switch off when the water has boiled

    FREE Delivery in the UK.

    £18.80 £14.80

    FAST BOIL 1.7L Cordless Kettle 2200W

    £18.80 £14.80
    • Large 1.7 litre capacity
    • 2200W fast boil cordless kettle with large 1.7 litre capacity
    • 2200 Watt fast boil
    • Removable, washable filter
    • LED power indicator with automatic shut off

    FREE UK delivery.

  • Fast Boil Kettle in Aluminium Polycarbonate Design, Red
    £45.80 £41.80

    Fast Boil Kettle in Aluminium 1.7 L, 2000 W

    £45.80 £41.80
    • Colour    Red
      Item Weight    1.1 Kg
      Product Dimensions    24.6 x 20 x 18.2 cm
      Capacity    1.7 litres
      Power / Wattage    2000 watts
      Auto Shutoff    No

    FREE UK delivery.

  • Stainless Steel Kettle with Still Hot Illumination
    £44.00 £32.00

    Fast Boil Stainless Steel Kettle 1.7L 3000W

    £44.00 £32.00
    • Still Hot feature means that the kettle remains illuminated red until the temperature falls below 80⁰c
    • 3kW fastboil element
    • 1.7 litre capacity makes 6-8 cups
    • Push button lid and side water windows for easy filling
    • Illumination changes from blue to red in boil mode
  • Andrew James Kettle, Fast Boil, Glass
    £41.99 £34.98

    Fast Boil, Glass With Blue Illumination, 1.7L

    £41.99 £34.98
    • Extra fast boiling 3000W kettle – 1 litre boils in just 1 minute 46 seconds!
    • Unique look with strong borosilicate glass body which illuminates blue when boiling
    • Perfect for the family home or for use in the office with 1.7 litre capacity and water level markings
    • Easy to refill and pour – cordless jug sits on 360˚ swivel base with built-in cord storage

    FREE UK delivery.

  • Lumiglo Kettle In Black, Fast Boil, 3000 Watts, 1.7 Litre Capacity
    £32.99 £20.99

    Lumiglo Kettle In Black, Fast Boil, 3000W, 1.7L

    £32.99 £20.99
    • 3000W super quiet, fast boil kettle with 1.7 litre capacity – perfect for busy kitchens and offices
    • High quality matt finish and illuminating blue lights for a contemporary and high tech look
    • 360˚ swivel base and lightweight cordless jug with lid flip button and 90˚ opening for convenient refilling
    • Safety features include auto cancelling switch, boil dry protection and non-slip feet
  • Morphy Richards 103002 Accents Jug Kettle - AzureMorphy Richards 103002 Accents Jug Kettle - Azure
    £39.99 £30.00

    Morphy Richards Accents Jug Kettle – Azure

    £39.99 £30.00
    • Large 1.5L capacity, so you can make up to 6 drinks at a time
    • 3kW element for rapid boil, so you can have your hot drink as soon as possible
    • Easy view water window, so that you can easily view how much water is in your kettle
    • 360 degree base, so that you can easily use your kettle whether left or right handed
    • Cord storage, so that your kitchen work top stays neat and tidy

    FREE Delivery in the UK.

  • Morphy Richards 43615 Jug Kettle
    £28.99 £24.99

    Morphy Richards Fast Boil Jug Kettle Stainless Steel

    £28.99 £24.99
    • Rapid Boil
    • 360 Degree Cordless Base
    • Removable Limescale Filter
    • Fail Safe Cut Out
    • Water Window

    FREE Delivery in the UK.

  • Morphy Richards Prism Kettle, BlueMorphy Richards Prism Kettle, Blue
    £79.99 £59.99

    Morphy Richards Prism Kettle, 1.5L Blue

    £79.99 £59.99
    • Large 1.5L capacity – so you can make up to 6 drinks at a time
    • 3kW element – for rapid boil
    • Easy view water window – easily view how much water is in your kettle
    • Removable limescale filter – you can be sure you have a quality hot drink, free of limescale
    • Cord storage – keeps your work top neat and tidy

    FREE Delivery in the UK.

  • Retro 1.8 Ltr Cream Pyramid Stainless Steel Kettle
    £28.80 £25.80

    Retro 1.8L Pyramid Stainless Steel Kettle Fast Boil

    £28.80 £25.80
    • 1.8ltr Capacity. Fast Boil
    • Auto & Manual Shut Off.
    • Dry Boil Protection. Concealed Heating Element
    • Water Level Gauge. 360° Cordless,Removable washable filter

    FREE UK delivery.

  • Chrome Cordless Electric Rapid Boil Jug Kettle
    £29.99 £18.99

    VonShef 3000W 1.7L Electric Fast Boil Kettle

    £29.99 £18.99
    • 1.7 litre capacity
    • 3000W rapid boil
    • 360 swivel chrome base
    • Removable washable filter + Unique water gauge handle

To have a quick boiling kettle is a must choice of tea lovers who cannot wait more just to boil water. A simple way to make quick cup of tea is start using this appliance which mainly aims to save your time and money. It is considered as a best investment for long term. In today’ time, tea makers and water boilers are available in various designs, size, power capacity and variant colors too. It is the need of user which prompt him selecting the brand and above mentioned features.

What More You Should Know About Fast Boil Kettles?

Earlier China had designed kettles with a view to boil water over a fire or stove. In its making, metal was also used to retain the heat, so that travelers may also use it to drink various hot drinks. But after 1800s these appliances start developed with the upcoming of technologies and now with the advancement of tech modern fast boil kettle has come into its existence. Its internal heating system keeps the water boiled within a few minutes.

Sturdy plastics exteriors as well as cords are used to design and the making of these water boilers. There are some other types that do not require power plug. Few of them have come with powerful technique of automatic switch off option, where there is no need to worry of over boiling of water. Less amount of electricity is consumed and less amount of time is also taken to perform its function. There is no other alternate if seeking for a replacement for this kettle from the perspective of fast boiling. They may range from higher to moderate cost, so can be chosen as per your budget, need and actual need. Expensive ranged kettle device comes with extra feature of easy to get clean and with longevity.

What Should Be The Factors To Select Such Kettles?

Well it all depends on your preferences that may vary from user to user. For few users material does matter and few prefer, weight, size, price, color, longevity and other exclusive features as being used by latest kettle brands. Here we have mentioned some best factors that should be considered before you opt any tea maker machine.


Heat Resistant Plastic if used: Watch for best quality plastic, if looking for plastic kettles, because inferior quality may hamper your experience. Check out the replacement warrantee in case if there is any problem involved with material. Light weight is plastic kettle is considered as better for family and small kids.

Stainless Steel: Well these are easy to clean, may cost a little bit higher but best alternate to plastic made kettles.

Black Glass: If you love to have stylish and polished black glass kettles that are beautifully designed one and gives class and style to your kitchen, then considering this platform will leave into benefit. Normally these may also cause you a bit higher cost, so it’s all your decision.

Many family persons have been using electric kettles despite stove-top and other traditional ones. Fast boiler that is relatively expensive but enveloped with many latest features. Its most of the features differentiates it to other ones in terms of quality, efficiency, design, size and to other aspects too. At Just kettles various moderate cost involving deals with fast boiling features are available by various top brands and can be considered when need it.

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