Privacy Policy

This is a page dedicated to privacy and policy that contains basic rules which we assume to be followed by the online users. Please read it carefully about the privacy terms as follows below:

1) Shoppers are supposes to follow our terms so that we could provide our service in a best manner.

2) Kindly read the whole information carefully, because for any further inconvenience we are not responsible for the act.

3) We are just a mediator who arranges best deals at shopper’s disposal.

4) We don’t offer products directly, so, before or after purchase no service will be provided through us.

5) All services and deals we provide here, are subject matter to be changed from the dealer’s end, so, read whole information about the product before making any decision.

6) In case of disagreement against our terms, you are free to stop browsing here.

7) All contents are assets of Just Kettles, misuse of these by copy paste activity and by using these to any online sites will consider as an offense. Content of this site have been protected under the copyright act.

8) Users with a motive of damaging this website will not be given an access to this site.

9) Everything including content and images do belong to us as an intellectual property.

10) Products are subject to change daily, but practically it is not possible to change here daily, so get updated at the dealer’s site and avoid any inconvenience.

Price of products

As we add above, that we are a mediator site, so it is not in our control to make the price constant. For better updated deals and cheap price products, only seller’s information will govern the right cost of the products. So, please avail the deal as per your earliest.

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